Affordable Criminal Defense Attorney Los Angeles


Affordable Criminal Defense Attorney Los Angeles – If you are submitting criminal charges in Los Angeles, and you are watching for an Honest, Aggressive and Experienced attorney, you have come to the right place. Los Angeles Attorney Anthony A. Arzili has devoted his practice to Criminal Defense. While some attorneys loss Angeles able in many areas of law, Attorney Anthony A. Arzili specializes particularly in criminal defense.

Handling only Criminal Defense matters provides Attorney Anthony Arzili to know this specialized area of law inside and out, a big benefit to his clients. Limiting his practice to Los Angeles Courts, allows Attorney Anthony A. Arzili to have daily communication with the prosecutors and judges in his “home turf.” The daily interaction with these courts allows Attorney Anthony Arzili to forge powerful relationships with the top decision makers and give his client’s the “Local Attorney Advantage.”

Affordable Criminal Defense Attorney Los Angeles

Honesty and Dedication

Being caught for a crime can be a confusing time. You want answers. You want the answers from someone who has been there and has gotten through it a thousand times. You don’t want someone to sweet talk you or someone to frighten you. Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney Anthony A. Arzili will provide you the truth about the road ahead, the good and the bad. He will set out his intentions for your case and how he intends on stopping them. The biggest complaint against big law firms is that you have no personal connection with your lawyer.

You get passed from one attorney to different without having a chance to build trust and a relationship with the person who is going to fight for your freedom. Anthony A. Arzili works all his cases personally. The man you shake hands with to start the case is the same one that will resolve your case. It is vital concept that some attorneys can improve upon. Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney Anthony A. Arzili prides himself not only listening to his customers but also keeping them updated on their case. Emails and Phone calls are answered promptly.

Affordable Criminal Defense Attorney Los Angeles

Aggressive Representation

Los Angeles Offender Attorney Anthony Arzili has never passed down from a fight, and he fights for each one of his clients as if he were representing a family member. Any attorney can claim that he is aggressive, but being assertive and tactful is what sets the best apart. Hiring an attorney that promises to “fight for you” might not be a good thing if that person believes he can rant and rave to get you what you need. This never goes, and in fact, will do you more hurt by turning the Judge and DA against you. Anthony Arzili’s offensive trademark defense is quite different. Attorney Anthony Arzili believes in knowing your case better than the Judge, The Prosecutors, and even you the client. Aggressive product and a reputation in the courts as a fighter can get all the difference.

Experience and Reputation

Criminal Defense is a very complex, highly specialized area of law. Don’t trust your future to someone who juggles many areas of law. Attorney Anthony Arzili’s focus has always been exclusively on Criminal Defense and nothing else. Attorney Anthony Arzili has helped thousands of people with their wicked problems and finished each one with a handshake and a satisfied client. Attorney Anthony Arzili has handled all crimes and all felonies. His success and talents have culminated in Anthony Arzili being selected as a Super Lawyers Increase Stars for 2011. This is an honor that is only bestowed upon the top 2.5% of California Lawyers under 40. In 2015, Anthony Arzili was again honored by being chosen as a Super Lawyer in Criminal Defense for Southern California.

A Los Angeles Criminal Attorney Anthony Arzili’s expertise in Criminal Defense has made him lectureships, such as the “Sex Crimes Symposium, Defending Sex Crimes” at California State University at Fullerton. Mr. Arzili also has lectured to the largest criminal defense firm in California on topics such as “Handling Domestic Violence matters”, “Ethics and the Law” and “Jury selection”. Finally, Mr. Arzili had the opportunity to serve as a Judge Pro-Tem for the Los Angeles Superior Courts from 2005-2011.

Affordable Criminal Defense Attorney Los Angeles

The Best Defense is a Good Offense.

While some lawyers prefer to sit back till your court day arrives, Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney Anthony A. Arzili beliefs going on the offensive can prevent charges from being filed in the first place. From the date you are arrested up to the date of your first court date, the wheels of the justice system start to turn. The arresting agency completes their investigation and then meets with the local prosecutors to discuss a filing of criminal charges. It is at this vital juncture that critical decisions are being made as to what costs to file or whether to record charges at all. L.A. A Criminal Defense Lawyer Anthony A. Arzili thinks that this “pre-filing” period is an opportunity to let the prosecutors know that there is more to this story than what the officer wrote in his arrest report. If we can give facts or witnesses that can make the filing prosecutor rethink taking charges, we can prevent a long drawn out battle in court and end this nightmare right away.

Los Angeles Courts. That’s our turf.

For over 17 years, A Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney Anthony A. Arzili has worked in the trenches of each and every Los Angeles Courthouse. You will not find another attorney that limits his turf to what he knows best. Most Attorneys will chase a case to any county to get a living. Anthony A. Arzili believes that knowing your “home turf” can make all the difference. 17 years of everyday interaction with the Judges and Prosecutors in Los Angeles has provided Anthony with the home field advantage.

Affordable Criminal Defense Attorney Los Angeles