List of Top Best Men Watch Brands 2015


 There was a time when wrist watched were very common, and many guys used to have one with them to see the time, but now in these days, these are used more than a useful item. Best Watches Brands for Men are makin many luxurious timepieces that are used these as a fashion accessory. There are many best watches brands known all over the world that are contributing a lot in this field but below is a list of only some best ones that are loved by most of the guys. Unlike older days, these luxurious wrist timepieces are not to see time, but these express a lot about you, your personality, nature, taste and the most important “Your Status”. So, if you want to tell people that you have a high status, then go with the one of the best wrist watched brands for men. You can wear these for attending a party, function or any event.

Some of these are so advanced, that they have other technologies like GPS, alarms, chronographs. You can also monitor your heart beat with some of these luxurious timepieces. There are a large number, which also to the time tell you about the date, day and year too. Directions and temperature are also found out by some of these. Now have a look at these best wrist watches brands for men. These companies claim to make every piece unique and iconic.

List of Top Best Men Watch Brands 2015

Rank Watches Founded
1 Alpina 1883
2 Casio 1946
3 Audemars Piguet 1875
4 Oakley 1975
5 IWC 1868


Alpina Watches International SA, which is famous as “Alpina”, is a Switzerland-based company manufactured by one of the famous watchmakers, Gottlieb Hauser. It is one of the top friends that are providing services in the market by manufacturing some expensive and best wrist watches for men. The corporation aims to make the wristwatches that are very professionally designed to work in every environment. You may go very deep in the sea or go at the extreme height at mountains, Alpina product will never cheat you.

List of Top Best Men Watch Brands 2015


If you have an interest in luxurious timepieces, then you sure will have listen and read about the “Casio” as it is one of the brands that are making best wrist watches for men. It is not only famous for making wristwatches, but got fame because it is an international company dealing multinational electronics making company dealing in many electronics like the camera, calculator, mobile phone, musical instruments, and watches. The company had its headquarter in Tokyo, Japan and was established in 1946.

List of Top Best Men Watch Brands 2015

Audemars Piguet

Audemars Piguet is another famous luxury Swiss watches which is named after its founders, Jules Louis Audemars and Edward Auguste Piguet, who established this company in 1857. It is included in the list of the best wristwatches brands for men because many of its products are hand made and are up to the mark. You can accompany these with you while going for diving, swimming, hiking, play games because these are best timepieces and made to survive any environment.

List of Top Best Men Watch Brands 2015


A California-based organization, “Oakley Inc”, is also included in the list of the best wristwatches brands for men. Jim Jannard has the credit of founding this luxurious company in 1975. Oakley has got its name in the production of many products like goggles, timepieces, optical frames, sports visors and many others. Most of these are designed in its headquarter which is located in Foothill Ranch, California, United States. The firm claims that watch is an accessory that tells much about you and your personality.

List of Top Best Men Watch Brands 2015


Florentine Ariosto Jones is the one who laid the foundation of IWC (International Watch Company) in 1868, which is also included in the Swiss watch manufacturer. Since the day it was founded, the firm is making some luxurious timepieces for guys that are matchless because of the precise engineering done during their make.The brand is included in the list of the best watch brands for men because of prodigious craftsmanship. It focuses much on the holistic approach and unique design.

List of Top Best Men Watch Brands 2015