List of Top Ten Beautiful Cities of Denmark


Top Ten Beautiful Cities of Denmark – Denmark is the beautiful coastal peninsula and ancient island communities. Denmark is one of the most scenic countries in Europe. Here we describe some of the beautiful towns of Denmark.

List of Top Ten Beautiful Cities of Denmark 2016 Ranking

10. Fredericia, Denmark

Located on the coast of Denmark “Little Belt”, in the 17th century, Frederica founded as fortified town. Fredericia’s ramparts and moats are interwoven with nature. It is also creating lovely park areas for walks and picnics. Explore local fjords, forests, and beaches all day and then relax at a current point Den Engelske pub.

List of Top Ten Beautiful Cities of Denmark

9. Ribe

Ribe situated on the shores of Southwest Jutland. It is often referred as Denmark’s oldest town. The population of this city is 8,210. The floods have come from time to time. This beautiful city preserves its medieval history. Ribe Cathedral first builds in 860 AD and still stands with its majestic landmarks. Ribe Viking Center is a living museum that describes the Viking Culture. This town is known for its cobbled streets, ancient houses and charming harbor. Ribe is also home to cultural events like Ribe Jazz Festival and Ribe Wine Festival. This city is near to visit on foot.

List of Top Ten Beautiful Cities of Denmark

8. Billund

This is the city where everything is awesome. Billund is a little town. Everyone who visits Billund first time claims, “Wow, it’s all new” Billund include in those cities of Denmark that are grown up around and largely due to a single company “LEGO.” This LEGO group brought jobs to the town. It is also instigated in many cases funded. An airport was built in the village in the 1960s. A center with library and church was built in the 1970s. Many smaller companies have been established but LOGO Group remains on the top as a largest manufacturing company.

List of Top Ten Beautiful Cities of Denmark

7. Valli, Denmark

Vejle is a picturesque town. It is known for forested hills that rise to the north and south of the city. The windmill has become the town symbol that builds on the southern hills. This mill can be seen from many parts of the city. The town has a pedestrian street with boutique shopping, historic townhouses. There is an international buzz at Casino Munkebjerg. The city’s concert hall Musikteatret offers a broad range of world-class entertainment with music and drama. Vejle is the home of exciting museums. Most prominent is Vejle Art Museum that features some of the nation’s important collections of Danish and European graphic art. Ocularist is the best learning center about nature, the environment, and power supply. Other attractions include Vejle’s oldest building, Sct. Nicolai Church and the city’s landmark windmill from 1847. The forests around this town have outstood natural beauty. Vejle offers an abundance of hotels and accommodations. Vejle is rich in gastronomic experience.

List of Top Ten Beautiful Cities of Denmark

6. Aarhus

Aarhus is the charming city with a long history. Its population of nearly 300,000 people, Aarhus is also one of the major university cities in Denmark that means many people are getting an education here. Cultural stuff like a big concert, art and history exhibitions, and theater projects, etc. are always the characteristics of Aarhus. You could shock if you check out museum and concert scene. Aarhus has an attractive nightlife; you can pick according to your taste. And don’t forget to see the Tivoli Friedan theme park. There is also annual gathering at Moesgaard Beach. You can feel fresh in the old streets. The atmosphere and the student population and other attractions make for enjoyable activities day and night all year. Galleries, museums, restaurants and cafes are packed with the many exclusive and unique shops. You can find peace and relaxation in the woods and beaches.

List of Top Ten Beautiful Cities of Denmark

5. Odense

Odense is the country of Hans Christian Andersen. It is the oldest city in the country those more than 1000 years old. There are many attractions, a lively city center with excellent shopping opportunities and many nice restaurants and an exciting evening life. One of the friendly activities in this town that you can do is follow in the footsteps of Hans Christian Andersen all the city. Odense is the no.1 city for bicycles in Denmark. There is an excellent zoo in Odense that is in walking distance along the river. You can enjoy a hot summer day in one of the many parks. Munke Mose is the old and expensive part of the city where you can enjoy a walk and end up in a place called the Forrest Lake. At this location, you can get the best ice cream with beautiful scenery.

List of Top Ten Beautiful Cities of Denmark

4. Aalborg

Aalborg one of the real life cities of Denmark, Aalborg has a happy and relaxed atmosphere. This 1000 years old city is the Fourth largest city in Denmark. Aalborg has 300 restaurants, a casino, lively nightlife and great shopping. The zoo and the Water land and Tivoli property make this city great place for families to visit. Aalborg receives the biggest carnival in Northern Europe. Their nice atmosphere and manageable size of the city makes way spending time together and enjoying life.

List of Top Ten Beautiful Cities of Denmark

3. Roskilde

Roskilde located in the-the west of Copenhagen, Denmark. The Roskilde is most famous tourist sites in the city. It is also classified as a UNESCO nature heritage site. The most prominent place in Roskilde is its fantastic Viking ship museum. This museum opened in 1969. The city is also famed for it’s much adapted 12th-century Roskilde Dunkirk Cathedral. The Roskilde Festival, a rock music festival has been held annually. It has become one of the biggest music festivals in Europe.

List of Top Ten Beautiful Cities of Denmark

2. Aarhus

Aarhus is the second largest and one of the oldest cities in Denmark. Aarhus is vibrant city due to a large part of the students who attend University in this town. This city is also called the Denmark’s principal port. This town has walking streets, decent shopping, and many quality museum and many excellent restaurants. The population of this town is over 300,000. Visitors can also experience a multi-cultural bazaar called Bazaar West in the Bra brand suburb. Aarhus is the home of a variety of festivals like Aarhus Party Week Aarhus party week is held in the greatest week of September every year. This festival offers cultural and art experiences. The original name of the city is ‘Aros’, which means, “The mouth of the stream.”

List of Top Ten Beautiful Cities of Denmark

1. Copenhagen

Copenhagen is capital and largest town of Denmark. This city situated on the east coast of the island of Zealand. A Smaller portion of this city located on Imager Island. It has become a modern town with cozy cafes, amazing architecture and intriguing history. Copenhagen is the modern and charming city. It’s old cobbled streets give an evocative backdrop to a thriving culture scene. It is a beautiful example of Art galleries, narrow streets, canals, parks, and Baroque churches. The inner city can easily to see on foot. The population of Copenhagen is 1, 2 million.

List of Top Ten Beautiful Cities of Denmark