List of Top Ten Best Colleges for Criminal Justice


Top Ten Best Colleges for Criminal Justice – If you need a good career in the government, law enforcement agencies, corrections or legal education, then selection a degree program in the criminal justice can be the best choice for you. However, the quality teaching and affordability are two key characteristics that should be kept in mind as deciding to choose a university or college for you higher education.

If you are watching for the best and most famous schools in the United States that are offering exceptional criminal justice programs at the reasonable cost, here is a list of top ten colleges, so feel free to choose either of these top rated colleges as per your needs.

List of Top Ten Best Colleges for Criminal Justice 2016 Ranking

10. Calumet College of Saint Joseph

Holding the last place in our ranking list, the Calumet College of Saint Joseph, is contribution a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice through the practical and theoretical coursework in the meadow of law and crime as well as the leadership opportunities in and outside of the classrooms. This plane enables the students to enjoy particular vocations in many preventative and service abilities.

List of Top Ten Best Colleges for Criminal Justice

9. Tarleton State University

Taking the second last rank in our list is not different than the Tarleton State University that is known as a traditional public co-educational body spotted in Stephenie, Texas, USA. No doubt it is known as one of the best criminal justice degree programs creation it stand among these top rated U.S. Colleges as per 2016 rankings. Thanks to its outstanding and globally recognized faculty along with the well-experienced teaching professionals that are highly appreciated in their field.

List of Top Ten Best Colleges for Criminal Justice

8. Nevada State College

No doubt it is not a historical institute as it was opened in 2002, but still it holds the 8th place in our ranking that makes it a favorite and best institute making it a newest but one of the cheapest and most reasonable criminal justice institutes in America. It offers a broad range of interdisciplinary attainment to the public services featuring the emerging range of social right beside the international perspectives on the regulation and crime.

List of Top Ten Best Colleges for Criminal Justice

7. Monroe College

Founded in 1933, the Monroe College is an American institute located in the new York city. Its police officers teaching faculty are featuring the college as a best and professional institute for different legal degrees that can give your individual locations including attorneys, judges, and many more. If you make a bachelor’s degree in the criminal justice from this great institute, you are more liable to get an extensive range of job chances just upon the completion of your degree plan.

List of Top Ten Best Colleges for Criminal Justice

6. Northern Kentucky University

The next spot in our ranking is specified to the Northern Kentucky University that is offering sixth most affordable and best degree plane in criminal justice. It prepares the learners to address the crime in their region along with an accredited degree plane. After getting a degree from this famous college, students are welcome to pick a broad range of vacation opportunities as per their option.

List of Top Ten Best Colleges for Criminal Justice

5. Indiana University East

Widely well-liked, the Indiana Colleges East is offering one of the cheapest degree planes in the criminal justice as a main along with the broad liberal education that truly features the specific coursework in psychology, criminal procedure, and sociology. Furthermore, to full core wants, law, IUE students are asked to take 36 credits for the main that cover all the topics such as Crime in the Mass Media, Evidence collection; and Criminal data, methods and investigate.

List of Top Ten Best Colleges for Criminal Justice

4. West Virginia University Institute of Technology

Preparing the students for brilliant vacation in homeland law enforcement, security services, courts and correction, the West Virginia university institute of technology maintains the fourth place in our ranking list of best criminal justice colleges in America. It features the affordable education that joins the coursework in sociology, political science, criminal justice, public services, criminal examination and psychology to help the students finding the big picture of crime.

List of Top Ten Best Colleges for Criminal Justice

3. California State College San Bernardino

The next place in our rankings is given to the California state university positioned in San Bernardino provides one of the top rated criminal justice degree programs at reasonable tuition fee. With many features like the liberal education core, research planes, internship opportunities, least tuition cost and expert faculty members, the University of California is teaching its entire student body as a leader, thinker and community member.

List of Top Ten Best Colleges for Criminal Justice

2. University of Arkansas Fort Smith

This famous university is an excellent selection of all the students who are interested in pursuing a public service career in different fields including the criminal investigation, business, law enforcement, law advocacy, social work and many other areas related to law and services. It gives an accredited degree program that prepares the students for the outstanding vacation opportunities in their community along with rigorous coursework in law ethics, criminology, and criminal court procedure among the other topics.

List of Top Ten Best Colleges for Criminal Justice

1. John Jay College of Criminal Justice

Proudly maintaining its first place in our ranking list, the John Jay College of Criminal Justice is offering a multi-track criminal justice program that authorizes the students to specialize in many disciplines such as the crime control planes; criminology; prevention, criminal justice administration and institutional theory and practice. But, all the tracks require students to must take 24 credits of the main core requirements that vary from criminology to the constitutional law.

List of Top Ten Best Colleges for Criminal Justice