List of Top Ten Best Countries to Live in


Today we all know there are number of countries in the entire world having their significance for multiple reasons. Some are special for weather while some are popular for the beauty, Some nations stand among the richest and some are poorest. But which is the Best Country to Live in the world is an interesting question. The peaceful people always require a secure and peaceful life for them along with their kids. In case when you are pondering where on the world the happiest persons live, and which could be the best countries to live, work and resign, here is something for you to know. In this article, you will find an extremely itemized list of best top 10 countries to live in 2015.

A country directly affects the financial, social, and political environment of our jobs as well living. So what is the meaning of perfect countries? Here is a list of top ten countries to live in the world. This article will help you choose the right and best countries to live in the world

List of Top Ten Best Countries to Live in the World in 2015

10. Austria

Officially popular as the state of Austria,  stands among the most excellent counties to live in because of its wonderful weather and stable financial condition. Education is an essential sector in Austria with many states giving costless primary education. With a current reported populace of 8,504,805, Austria is likewise careful as one of the happiest countries in the world. Additionally with per capita Gross GDP of $41, 908 Billion, Austria is the eleventh richest country in the world. Alongside an average atmosphere, the wrongdoing rate in this lovely country is amazingly low.

List of Top Ten Best Countries to Live in

9. Australia

With monetary soundness and little bad behavior rate, Australia is one the finest countries to live in the world. Its pleasant  environment and quality environment provides quality life to its whole occupants living in the countryside. With per capita  $41,954 Billion GDP, Australia is likewise one of the richest countries in the world. As per a report, it is the tenth happiest country on the planet. In addition, it is also famed for its cost less instruction offices, solid conjugal stipends, stable economy, and great benefits plans for senior residents.

List of Top Ten Best Countries to Live in

8. Sweden

A spot where a lot of people close their shops at 5 P.M. to spend their quality time with their families. Sweden demonstrates all attributes of a perfect world. Additionally a perfect traveler end, Sweden gloats intense climatic and foundation offices. Known for its iron and timber offices, Sweden is the third greatest nation in Europe. Likewise, one of the cleanest countries, Sweden’s atmosphere once in a while shows 24-hour frosty temperature. With $ 40,304 Per Capita GDP,  Sweden also stands among the richest countries around the globe. A glad and quiet environment makes the citizens of Sweden happiest than many other countries in the world. Genuinely, Sweden is one of the finest and best countries to live in the world.

List of Top Ten Best Countries to Live in

7. Iceland

Recognized one of the  most peaceful countries on the planet, Iceland’s lowest crime  rate makes it one of the top ten best nations in the world. Iceland likewise sets a hard to believe the score in purity and cleanliness. Loaded with mind mending greenery, Iceland has a literacy rate of 99.9. With $39,718 Per Capita GDP,  Iceland certainly has a stable economy. It is considered the ninth happiest nation in the world. A fascinating certainty about Iceland is that Iceland has 24 hour days amid July and June. Handball is a popular as well as is the national game of Iceland.

List of Top Ten Best Countries to Live in

6. Netherlands

With two capitals, Amsterdam, and Hague, Netherlands’ economy has been steady for quite a while alongside the lowest crimes rate. Education has been made essential for the teenage inhabitants between 4 to 16 which decrease lack of knowledge. With an unpretentious nautical atmosphere, you will encounter agreeableness in the summers while value the stable winters. Netherlands also comes in the list of world’s happiest nations today. Its government authorized the same-sex relational unions in 2001.

List of Top Ten Best Countries to Live in

5. Luxembourg

With a little populace of 5 Million individuals, Luxembourg is a standout amongst the most secure and peaceful nations to live in the world. The smallest European world by populace, Luxembourg is known for its low assessment reasoning. Luxembourg also boasts one of the richest countries in the world. It has one of the healthiest persons in the world. It is widely popular as one of the best European countries that are offering lots of financial opportunities to their occupants. Likewise, the head quarter of a significant calling application Skype is found in Luxembourg. Due to its diminished expense findings, the nation is considered a safe house for representatives and ambitious people. No big surprise 40% of Luxembourg’s populace constitutes outsiders.

List of Top Ten Best Countries to Live in

4. Canada

Because of its quietness and educational opportunities, Canada holds the fourth spot in the list of top ten countries to live in the world. As per a late overview, around 92% of Canada’s populace is quite satisfied. Likewise, Canadians are a standout amongst the jolliest persons in the world. It’s an awesome spot to study, live, and work. With  $42, 317 Per Capita GDP,  Canada also stands among the richest countries on the planet. Joblessness in Canada is astonishingly as low as 5%. Interestingly, 99% of Canadians are educated.

List of Top Ten Best Countries to Live in

3. Norway

Norway is widely identified as one of the happiest and calm countries in the world creating it one of the peaceful countries to live in. Known as the Kingdom of Norway, the nation gloats suitable climatic condition with 34 degrees being the most noteworthy temperature in summers and 14 degrees in winters.Norway also stands among the most cleanest countries to in the world.

List of Top Ten Best Countries to Live in

2. Denmark

A nation with irrelevant crimes rate, stable financial position, well-disposed persons; Denmark unquestionably is one of the top 10 nations to live in. The legislature of Denmark urges its kin to use bikes rather than vehicles. In a late study, Denmark also comes in the list of countries with happiest people in the world. Denmark is the second-most peaceful country in the world.

List of Top Ten Best Countries to Live in

1. Switzerland

Switzerland got the top position in our list of top ten best countries to live in.  With the literacy rate of 99%, Switzerland as per a report is the second jolliest countries in the world. In 2015, it was formally announced as the cleanest countries in the world. Likewise, Switzerland gloats a slight unemployment rate. Interestingly, education is one of the most surprising and highly paid job sectors in Switzerland.