List of Top Ten Countries To Live In The World 2015


10. France

France is one of the most visited countries, south of France is famous! Food’s delicious, nice people also! Superb and extraordinary colors Great place to live. I think France is the best place to live in the world because it has such a beautiful sites and landscapes you can think of.

List of Top Ten Countries to Live In 2016

9. New Zealand

Great spot to live if you like the outdoor scene New Zealand is the place. Full of wonderful helping people a lot of spirit and love for each other and the environment is perfect. A must for people to visit for holidays. Good clean, green environment.

List of Top Ten Countries to Live In 2016

8. Japan

I was there about 20 years ago, and I still retain vividly how great the Japanese. I can not ignore all the beautiful places and the outstanding hospitality of this country. I highly recommend to each traveler to at least number in to visit Japan so they can feel the honesty and purity of the culture. The best way to educate kids the importance of family and discipline will go further on each person morals and lie being. I plan to go after and visit Japan since it is too late for me to travel, the number one country of ASIA.

List of Top Ten Countries to Live In 2016

7. Norway

Norway has one of the highest life rewards. Meaning the people in Norway are living in the Happiest nation on Earth. The crime rate is pretty low; the environment is clean. The atmosphere is magical, and the people are happy. And they have potatoes.

List of Top Ten Countries to Live In 2016

6. Germany

I am Canadian and have stayed in Germany for many years. The standard of living here is higher. Best place to live in the world, there is a larger variety of everything. The media are more important and independent. There are many very well-paid jobs, and immigrants are simply integrated into West Germany.

List of Top Ten Countries to Live In 2016

5. England

I love England. Free healthcare. Education, training is WAY better in the UK. Children know something. Housing is cheaper. Cars are cheaper and get better MPG. Shopping is cheaper; people can afford to eat healthy in the UK. People are friendly, and closely knit communities. Acceptance, they accept anyone of all differences. Same-sex marriage is going to be legal soon, so I can get married, there instead of the US. And the king helps the country, in good times and bad, she is always there for us and provides us something to be proud of.

List of Top Ten Countries to Live In 2016

4. Sweden

Swedes are very kind and are very environmentally informed. Best place to live in the world, Swedes have a high equity rate and are full of culture. Alfred Nobel, a Swede, invented dynamite, and other Swedes invented the zipper and the wrench.

List of Top Ten Countries to Live In 2016

3. United States of America

That average is so not true. Most people here are helpful and will help you if you need it. Other than the many amounts of political correctness forced on us, we have the right to do just about everything as long as it’s not abusively illegal. Best place to live in the world, we need a president who puts American citizens’ needs first before special interest groups or foreign nations. Regardless, I wouldn’t live anywhere else.

List of Top Ten Countries to Live In 2016

2. Australia

Australia is the nice country. Best place to live in the world, Australia is a very high advanced country characterized by a very high rank of Human Development Index. This country is also strong in commercial, and multicultural where you can meet people around the world. The people are friendly, and you can enjoy a freedom life. Australia has its the best city in the world, Melbourne, which ranked as the most liveable city in the world. Climate diversity makes Australia more unique where you can enjoy the tropical climate to the north of the land, desert at the west, and subtropical climate at the southeast of Australia.

List of Top Ten Countries to Live In 2016

1. Canada

Canada’s good because our economy doesn’t have anything to do with war so that tax will be below, and if you live in Alberta, you don’t have to pay PST. If you need to move, you do not have to ask the government to move, and our economy is now the most durable. Best place to live in the world, if you ask me, Canada is the country of the free, and we don’t despair about people blowing up planes.

List of Top Ten Countries to Live In 2016