List of Top Ten Countries with Best Food


Here we give information for all the food lovers of the world. If you are a foodie, then you are reading the right post of your interest. Everyone loves the good and tasty meal; no person in the world can deny the fact that he or she does not like delicious and healthy cuisine. But we feel difficulty in finding which one is the best cuisine. This post will tell you the countries that are famous for their cooking recipes. These nations have created a name for having the best foods. But their meal is also appreciated by other people in the world. Now almost all types of restaurants give great variety in the menu. Their cards have foods from all countries. By eating the food from different nations, you can also estimate the culture and taste of their people. Foods from various countries are ranked in this post. These nations are the best foods in the world.

List of Top Ten Countries with Best Food 2016 Ranking

10. Turkey

Turkish history is similar to the Ottoman Empire. Turkish cuisine is too the result of great Ottoman Empire’s efforts. So, their feed is influenced by the cuisine of Middle Eastern countries. But Ottoman Territory invented various new dishes that enriched the Turkish food. Their food is mostly cooked by using the olive oil. The kitchen is full of spices, and most famous foods are kebab and kofte. There are various recopies of kebabs. Fish is too an important part of their diet.

List of Top Ten Countries with Best Food

9. The United States of America

American cuisine is inspired by the large number of foreigners who come in America. American’s chefs and cooking experts so understood that they altered all foreign foods in their style. Historically American fodder is like English food. American’s like to eat seafood and grilled beef. They too like instant meal ideas that can be prepared quickly this thing led them to fast diets. Americans are fast food, lovers. Beer and Whiskey are too a part of American food.

List of Top Ten Countries with Best Food

8. Japan

Japan is the main world producer of fish. That is the reason that Japanese fodder mostly consists seafood. Seafood is a vital part of their cuisine. Soy sauce is too a major ingredient in the preparation of Japanese meal. Boiled Rice is the stapled cooking of the Japan. Japanese fodder is cooked with microscopic oil as Japanese people do not like much oil. Japanese food, its ingredients, and way of preparation are very different and unusual. Japanese salads also include seafood.

List of Top Ten Countries with Best Food

7. China

Everyone in the world likes Chinese fodder. Chinese food has special meaning for meal lovers. Chinese food restaurants are now opened in many countries in the world. A Chinese meal is the consequence of thousands of years old Chinese history. With the way of time preferences of people keep on changing and now Chinese cooking is loved in all over the world. Chinese desserts consist of eggs and milk. Noodles are the most loved Chinese fodder that is eaten in many countries of the world. A Chinese meal is not much spicy. It’s very straightforward and easy to cook.

List of Top Ten Countries with Best Food

6. Greece

Greece is rich in fashion and culture along with this Greece food is also among the countries with the best meal. Greece meal is too known as Mediterranean cuisine. Their famous foods are lemon juice, vegetables, and grains, etc. Olive oil is too used for cooking. Olive oil is a most obvious thing in Greece fodder. Honey is used to add sweetness to the meal. Beverages like Wines are too part of Greece food.

List of Top Ten Countries with Best Food

5. India

Indian food has great variety according to the cultures and flavor of their residents. Their people are very much intentional about making meal choices. In India, meal mostly depends on religious groups. Some are vegetarians, and some are non-vegetarians. Beside this Europeans and Mughals also had a great impact on Indian cooking recipes. Indian foods are too so much spicy. Potato is a stapled diet for the Indians that were introduced by the Portuguese.

List of Top Ten Countries with Best Food

4. Spain

Every food lover must be recognizable as the Spanish food. Spanish cooking has great variety just because of many countries that conquered Spain at various times. Spanish meal is mostly using the style of Roman Empire. Roman Empire included the various dishes of Mushrooms in Spanish cooking. World’s almost 90% olive oil is produced in Spain so; Spanish meal is ready by using olive oil.

List of Top Ten Countries with Best Food

3. Mexican

Mexican cuisine is a mixture of many European countries foods especially Spanish food. Mexican diet consists of corn, beans, and chilli, etc. The meat of beef, chicken, pork, goat, etc. is also eaten the Spanish cuisine adds that in Mexican food. Mexican people relate meal to the family and social bonding. But to them, good food on different festivals will increase the like among families.

List of Top Ten Countries with Best Food

2. France

French cuisine is very refined and modern. It has a long history and mainly taught in various cooking schools of the world. Preparing French food is very different from other cuisines. France has many dishes in their national cooking like terrine and Bisque etc. Cheese is too regarded as the invention of French people as they employ cheese as their staple food. Wine is also presented with French foods.

List of Top Ten Countries with Best Food

1. Italy

Italy is the nation with the best food in the world. Italian food is critical, and no other cooking can take a place of Italy’s food. Italian food comprises olive oil, cheese, and coffee, etc. Italian taste coffee is known as espresso. Pizza is the design of Italian people. Olive oil is typically used for the cooking purpose in Italy.

List of Top Ten Countries with Best Food