List of Top Ten Countries With Most Educated


Top Ten Countries with Most Educated – Education is necessary for whole humanity, man, and the woman. It tells the right path to journey and get successes in the works. Also provides us the skills that were hidden in ourselves from us and make changes in human’s minds from the dark side to the light world. Education gives knowledge and new techniques to discover new things that can be helpful in the future for the humans and other things. There are many steps that give you a proper education like school, college, and university.
School is the beginner level in which kids study and after college they become prepared for higher information in university. Every country is trying to educate their upcoming generation and want to fly in the air to find out modern things. The great persons like Nelson Mandela said that Education is the main power that can change you and your country from decline to rise into skies of richness. Einstein said that Education is the training of the mind to think and discover new things.

List of Top Ten Countries With Most Educated

List of Top Ten Countries With Most Educated 2016 Ranking

Rank Country Education Index
1 Australia 0.932
2 New Zealand 0.924 2016 Ranking
3 Norway 0.916
4 Netherlands 0.897
5 USA 0.892
6 Ireland 0.889
7 Germany 0.885
8 Lithuania 0.879
9 Denmark 0.876
10 Czech Republic 0.871