List of Top Ten Countries with the Most Billionaires


Top Ten Countries with the Most Billionaires – Billionaire, the expression is familiar with almost everybody on this world and there would hardly be anyone who wouldn’t want to associate him or her with the term. Even when now the world economy is going through a low phase with a volatile market in terms of fairness, currency, and product, the billionaire club of the world stands their ground with heads high and has seen a stable growth in its wealth. These citizens really know how to roll in some cash, thus rules the economy of the nations they reside in. Almost every country in the world has them, but some countries are fortunate enough to have a gather of them, which really affects the financial condition of that particular country. Here, take a look at the top ten countries with the most billionaires.

List of Top Ten Countries with the Most Billionaires 2016 Ranking

Rank Country No of Billionaires
1 The United State of America 422
2 China 66
3 United Kingdom 65
4 Germany 57
5 India 52
6 Russia 30
7 Hong Kong 28
8 Switerzland 24
9 Brazil 22
10 Canada 18

10. Canada

This wonderful country is home to around 40 billionaires and a population mega rich making it secure the eighth spot as far as the especially rich countries in the world are concerned. The net worth of the billionaires in the country is $105 billion while in saw a steady downfall of the wealth during the economic headwind.

List of Top Ten Countries with the Most Billionaires

9. Brazil

This is the only country in the Latin American belt to get it to the top ten lists of the countries sheltering the maximum number of billionaires. With the ultra-rich people comprising of 4,640 people worth more than $30 million, it is home to around 49 billionaires who has a great crash on the economy of the country. Each of them is worth $6.1 billion and collectively they account for $300 billion.

List of Top Ten Countries with the Most Billionaires

8. Switzerland

Known as the home of the wealth of the richest in all over the world and their playground, Switzerland has achieved the eighth spot on the countdown of the top ten countries for billionaires. It is the dwelling ground for the mega wealthy and the home of a total of 57 billionaires who account for a total wealth of $125 billion. When the world of the mega-rich in Europe was going down, Switzerland has seen a steady growth of 7% of the ultra-rich populace. The 15% increase in the equity market of Switzerland has mainly contributed to the growth the richest in the country which keeps making better and better despite the 24% decline in the Swiss franc.

List of Top Ten Countries with the Most Billionaires

7. Hong Kong

Hong Kong, being considered one of Asia’s main economic centers, the city has given shelter to some of ultra richest people in the world that account of a whopping 64 billionaires in total. The group has the biggest influence on the economy of the country with a mutual wealthof $190 billion. The country is the home of the richest man in all over Asia, Li Ka-Shing who also has the respect of being the ninth richest person in the world. But the falling economy of the world did not spare him as well and he saw a decline, which valued for $3 billion. However, the reason for the wealth of the richest in Hong Kong lies in the real land market, which keeps thriving.

List of Top Ten Countries with the Most Billionaires

6. Russia

Coming next to India is Russia, with a billionaire count of 97 together worth a staggering $380 billion. Although the country has seen the greatest economic fallout during the harsh economic times of the previous years, the number of billionaires in the country grew by 17 as compared to last year. But, the title of Billionaire’s Capital was taken from Moscow as it used to be named till last year due to the economic fallout.

List of Top Ten Countries with the Most Billionaires

5. India

As for Asian countries, India comes right next to China, when it gets to scoring in the number of billionaires and has aptly secured the fifth position on the list of top ten countries including of a maximum number of billionaires. There are a whopping 109 billionaires in the nation worth of a total of $190 billion, which comes down to $1.7 billion each on average. But, Indian billionaires have seen a stable 7% drop in their wealth in the year 2012 and the number dropped by 5%. The top reason behind the drop was the unstable Stock market of India and the drop in the value of Indian currency. Nevertheless, the country is fighting to rise up to from the hard economic times and hopefully will emerge as a winner in the coming years ahead.

List of Top Ten Countries with the Most Billionaires

4. Germany

If you talk about the euro zone countries, then Germany is the only one making it to the list of top ten countries with most billionaires, when the majority of the bloc’s countries are going through a steady declination of wealth. The total number of billionaires in the nation is around 137 and collectively they are worth a total of $550 billion, which comes down to a standard of $4 billion each. The ultra rich in the country are accounted for less than 1 percent of the total population of the nation and the people having $30 million worth of the net asset is counted amongst them. As for the towns, Munich, Dusseldorf, as well as Hamburg, have the largest cluster of billionaires. Although the equity market and the drop in the overseas exchange value of Euro during 2011 and 2012 have shaken up the richest in Germany a little, but, all in all, the whole wealth climbed up to 5.3% although the number of billionaires in the country dropped by 1.4 percent.

List of Top Ten Countries with the Most Billionaires

3. United Kingdom

When it comes to wealth, how can the land of Kings and Queen stay far following? Yes, in terms of the number of billionaires in a country UK has secured the third spot on the chart. In all over Europe, UK alone has the main concentration of the billionaires, but on the flip side Germany has outpaced the country in terms of the joint wealth of the group of ultra rich and the figure by which the UK falls behind Germany in total revenue is a whopping $120 billion. In the UK alone, the billionaires account of an astounding 1.3% of the total populace and if you look into a standard figure comprising of their total wealth, each of these big fishes is worth $3.1 billion and the wealth grow by almost 4% in the year 2011 alone. This growth is simply due to the foreign venture into the real estate market of UK, which has forever been the biggest beneficiary of the mega rich of UK.
List of Top Ten Countries with the Most Billionaires

2. China

China holds the second location in the world as far as the number of billionaires is concerned. But, if you look into the whole wealth China falls behind Germany and UK and comes in the fourth spot, tying with Russia. The billionaires in the country are value 2.5 billion each on an average and the top five cities comprising of Beijing, Guangzhou Shanghai, Hangzhou, and Shenzhen has the biggest concentration of the mega rich. But, at the time of recession, the mega rich of China have seen a sheer drop of 1/3 of their total wealth. The main reason behind it was the volatile justice market and the Shanghai compound Index that have seen a drop of 20%. Although the country is fighting to overcome the economic injury and will soon see the golden days return.

List of Top Ten Countries with the Most Billionaires

1. The United States of America

When it comes to the mega-rich, there would barely be any country that can beat the U.S. The number of mega-rich in the country is an enormous 480, which certainly provides China, its closest competitor a run for their money. Even when the whole world was going through an economic headwind, U.S other 25 more billionaires to the list. If you look into their wealth, on a standard each of them is worth $4.3 billion. As far as the states are concerned, California is the home for the mega rich, followed by New York, Florida, Texas and the list goes on. The main source of wealth of these big fishes in the economic pond was the justice market of the U.S and they will continue growing in the future.

List of Top Ten Countries with the Most Billionaires