List of Top Ten Criminal Lawyers


List of Top Ten Criminal Lawyers According to 2015 Estimates

10. Rene Sandler

Rene Sandler is self-important to be named to the Washingtonian Magazine’s top 30 famous Lawyers. Rene Sandler is a knowledgeable, accomplished litigator recognized for her wounding edging, original demonstration of customers in all illegal and grave travel luggage. Ms. Sandler works personally with compact customers to form an appealing approach in all cases. Rene Sandler is the top 10th criminal lawyers at a glance; Rene Sandler is devoted to uncompromisingly representing customers and has wide check knowledge litigate the mainly serious cases.

List of Top Ten Criminal Lawyers

9. William C. Brennan, Jr.

William C. Brennan Jr. one of the most excellent trial lawyers in the Washington. Practice in Maryland and central courts all through the word; represent the company, lawyers, and persons in illegal and composite social, legal action. Is a visitor professor in the U.S. and overseas on central illegal law and sentence rule? Fellow, American University of test Lawyers; named in top 75 lawyers, Washingtonian glossy magazine; established Robert C. Heeney honor for “exemplify the uppermost specialized standards and achievement,” 2006.

List of Top Ten Criminal Lawyers

8. John F. Carroll

John Carroll is a colleague in the firm of the Carroll Law Firm, P.C. situated in Fairfax, Virginia. He is a previous prosecutor and knowledgeable test criminal lawyers. As protection lawyers, he has effectively represented persons in an extensive diversity of complex criminal matter, including a lot of high outlines criminal offense. Mr. Carroll’s customers include executive, specialized athlete, diplomats, and physician. His wide backdrop gives him a sole perspective in creating together social and illegal case strategy.

List of Top Ten Criminal Lawyers

7. David A. Oblon

A countrywide known criminal lawyer, David Oblon has become visible on TV news programs such as FOX News and CNN approximately hundred times. He has been call one of the location “best criminal lawyers” by Washingtonian publication, “Legal Elite” by Virginia Commerce glossy magazine, and was named “Power Actor of the Year” by elegant CEO magazine in their illegal and civil legal action group. David A. Oblon is the top 7th criminal lawyers at a glance; He co-founded Albo & Oblon, a great local law firm with three offices in the Washington region and Virginia and practice service rule, administration contract, social, legal action, and illegal Law.

List of Top Ten Criminal Lawyers

6. Ryan Campbell

Mr. Campbell was renowned in 2011 and 2012 by Washingtonian magazine as one of the areas’ most excellent illegal a defender and by wonderful criminal lawyers as a growing Star as 2009. Mr. Campbell established his JD from the George Washington institution of higher education Law School in 2002. Ryan Campbell is the top 6th criminal lawyers at a glance; he serve customers for offense range from assault and travel offenses to Murder, Rape, and other grave felony and is too knowledgeable representing customers before the Virginia appellate courts.

List of Top Ten Criminal Lawyers

5. David B. Albo

For over two decades, David Albo has try cases in all Northern Virginia courts. He has worked as a District Court Prosecutor, a protector for harmed children, and for the history 19 years, as a part of the Virginia legislature. As Chairman of the House Courts group, he helped mark most of Virginia’s social and illegal laws. Mr. Albo’s practice areas include service Law, illegal Defense; interchange Law, ABC Law, and commerce legal action.

List of Top Ten Criminal Lawyers

4. Bruce Marcus

Bruce Marcus has served as guidance in the illegal and social litigation matters range from the most multifaceted to custom cases for main, corporation; local business; and persons. A Fellow of the American University of Criminal Lawyers and “AV” rated by Martindale-Hubbell, he frequently appears in central and status trial and appellate courts. He is predictable in Washingtonian’s top Lawyers in Criminal protection and is a trade legal action “Super Criminal Lawyer” in Maryland and the region of Columbia.

List of Top Ten Criminal Lawyers

3. Andrew Jezic

Andrew Jezic is a co-author of Maryland Law of confession. The 1400-page dissertation, now in its ninth version by West, has been citing by together of Maryland’s appellate courts. In a current sex crime case, Jezic productively vacated a client’s responsible plea and then obtain a jury release on all charges, in spite of the client’s full acknowledgment on record. Through two jury trial in a glamorous murder case, Jezic helped a former Army Ranger earn acquittal on all murder counts apart from instinctive manslaughter. Criminal lawyers in Jezic’s ten-lawyer firm practice in Maryland, DC, and Virginia, and talk Spanish, Portuguese, French, Arabic, Russian, and Chinese.

List of Top Ten Criminal Lawyers

2. Robert C. Bonsib

Washingtonians top 30 “Stars of the Bar” (2011 and 2009), “Bonsib has established he is one of the most excellent criminal lawyers in Maryland”. “Best Lawyers in U.S” in the fields of a pallid collar and non-white lapel illegal defense. Robert C. Bonsib is the top 2nd criminal lawyers at a glance, recipient of the Maryland situation Bar relatives Robert C, Heeney honor (2009) for exceptional career success throughout 35 years as an unlawful lawyer.

List of Top Ten Criminal Lawyers

1. David Schertler

David Schertler is the top 1st criminal lawyers at a look, Mr. Schertler, an earlier central prosecutor with the section of fairness and the U.S. lawyer’s workplace in Washington, D.C., establish Schertler & Onorato in 1996. He has tried an extensive range of illegal and social cases with imposing results. Just lately, he was renowned as one of the top 30 lawyers in Washington, D.C. and one of the increasing stars in white collar unlawful defense.

List of Top Ten Criminal Lawyers

List of Top Ten Criminal Lawyers

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David Schertler

Robert C. Bonsib

Andrew Jezic

Bruce Marcus

David B. Albo

Ryan Campbell

David A. Oblon

John F. Carroll

William C. Brennan, Jr.

Rene Sandler


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