List of Top Ten Most Expensive Celebrity Homes


Top Ten Most Expensive Celebrity Homes – Many celebrities have loads of cash, but few know how to get the best use of it. Some smart celebrities have invested in really impressive residences. Here are the top ten remarkable multimillion pads of the wealthy and famous.

List of Top Ten Most Expensive Celebrity Homes 2016 Ranking

10. Oprah Winfrey’s Secured Land (Montecito, CA)

In his final talk, the great Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. speak, “We as a people will get it to The Promised Land.” Oprah has named her sprawling 42-acre Californian land “The Guaranteed Land” in honor of the great personality’s memory. If he were to be alive today, he would be proud of the achievements of today’s African Americans like Oprah. “The Promised Land” is a Neo-Georgian house embedded in the surrounding trees. It has six bedrooms, 14 bathrooms, two theaters, a gourmet kitchen, ten fireplaces, a barn, a wine cellar, a tennis court, ponds, orchards, an outdoor entertainment area, a manmade lake with fish, and a great guesthouse with a lake.

List of Top Ten Most Expensive Celebrity Homes

9. The Manor (Los Angeles)

Owned by heiress Petra Stunt, The Hotel is a mansion situated in the Holmby Hills neighborhood of Los Angeles. This French château-style mansion has 123 rooms. It is the biggest home in Los Angeles County.

List of Top Ten Most Expensive Celebrity Homes

8. Bob Hope’s Space-Age House (California)

Located in Palm Springs, California, Bob Hope’s Space-Age House is an innovative building. It was built to resemble a volcano, featuring a concrete roof with a hole in the center that lets light into a central courtyard. Some person has compared it with a spaceship and a giant mushroom. John Lautner designed the California mansion.

List of Top Ten Most Expensive Celebrity Homes

7. Justin Bieber’s Rented ‘Salad Spinner’ Glass House (Beverly Hills)

Beiber’s Beverly Hills “Salad Spinner” Glass House is a design wonder. Its cylindrical walls of glass and soaring steel beams get a mesmerizing courtyard with spectacular pictures of the infinity edge pool, facing the city and the sea. The Canadian singer is paying $60,000 monthly for this rented property.

List of Top Ten Most Expensive Celebrity Homes

6. Charles Sieger’s Castle ‘Château Artisan’ (Miami)

Charles Sieger designs this incredible $10.9 million fortress home; it is his home. Charles has created and get many creative high-rises residential and commercial buildings. French and British chateaus inspire this mansion; that is the reason it is named “Château Artisan.”

List of Top Ten Most Expensive Celebrity Homes

5. Celine Dion’s Water Park Mansion (Florida)

Celine Dion’s $72.5 million Jupiter Isle house has its water park; two massive pools in the property are connected to a water park. The house, which gets at her oceanfront Florida estate, has a crisp white interior, eight-bedroom guesthouse, and many more luxuries. The water park has a giant twisting slide, a foot bridge, and a lazy river.

List of Top Ten Most Expensive Celebrity Homes

4. Naomi Campbell’s ‘Eye of Horus’ House (Turkey)

Supermodel Naomi Campbell’s luxurious eco-mansion is shaped like the Egyptian ‘Eye of Horus’. Located on an islet off the coast of Turkey, this stunning mansion has a huge landscaped terrace and a greenhouse-style roof to take care of heating. This glass-domed cover is water and energy self-sufficient. The old Egyptian Eye of Horus was designed by Spanish architect Luis de Garrido.

List of Top Ten Most Expensive Celebrity Homes

3. Lionel Messi’s Ball-Shaped House

Messi’s mansion is shaped like a football. The area on which the mansion sits appears like a football pitch. If you see the property from above, counting the structure at the front, it looks like it makes the shape of number 10. This house shows his love for the game. According to news architect, Luis de Garrido will build this house on the land owned by the-the soccer star in Barcelona city.

List of Top Ten Most Expensive Celebrity Homes

2. Naomi Campbell’s Spaceship House (Moscow)

Naomi Campbell’s Russian billionaire boyfriend, Vladislav Doronin reportedly get her a 2,650 square meter spaceship shaped house in Moscow. This futuristic style building, which is dubbed Capital Hill, is unique and appears as a set for a science fiction film. The house has smooth curves, huge glass panels, tall ceilings, indoor swimming pool, gym, Finnish spa, Turkish bath, Russian bath and many luxuries. Spaceship House by Zaha Hadid Architects.

List of Top Ten Most Expensive Celebrity Homes

1. John Travolta’s Fly-In Home (Florida)

John Travolta is an avid and expert pilot; in fact, he is obsessed with flying. The Saturday Night Fever star has had his house designed with two outbuildings distant for the aircraft to taxi up to. Currently, he can park a Boeing 707 and a Gulfstream on his property. The superstar can walk here a canopied walkway to his aircraft and be airborne once the gate to the runway is opened! All this is likely for him because he lives in Jumbolair, an exclusive $12.5 million airport home in the-the north of Ocala, Florida.

List of Top Ten Most Expensive Celebrity Homes