List of Top Ten Most Expensive Dogs In The World


Here we will present the list of top ten most expensive dogs in the world. Everyone likes to keep an expensive dog breed. While on the other hand, some people have special pets. Children love to keep chicks like parrots or cats. The pet that is used as a pet is the pooch. These are important for their loyalty. People love to keep them because of their faithful nature. When you come to your place, they become happy and excited. They are best buddies ever. This article is especially for those who like to keep expensive animals. But you need to keep them with a lot of care and love.

We will discuss ten most expensive dogs in the world ever.  These are most expensive because the traits they possess. Some dogs learn things earlier than others. Some most expensive dogs possess special qualities that the other race does not. So in this list world’s top ten most expensive dogs are present because of the qualities they have.

List of Top Ten Most Expensive Dogs In The World 2015 Rankings

10. Chow Chow

Chow Chow is an attractive and puffy dog. You will not neglect it after watching it once. China has the most expensive dog in the world as this one also belongs to that country. You can also choose the origin of the dog after reading its name. The power of this is well built. It has a rectangular shape. The skull of this animal is broad and wide. You will like dense its hairs. Another worth considering thing is its wavy tail. It is apparently pretty but very dangerous. Its bite may prove fatal. Chow Chow is thought to be the extremely high-risk dog.  It is the best protector of its owner. You can keep it for the security of your property. But this dog does not get acquainted easily. It is harmful to strangers. The high price of this pooch takes it in the list of top ten most expensive dogs.

List of Top Ten Most Expensive Dogs In The World

9. Pharaoh Hound

Name of this dog reminds us of Egypt. Pharaohs are associated with olden Egypt. So this pooch is also connected to that era because of the look it got. It is quite heightened. The first look of this dog breed is hostile and aggressive. One would be afraid after watching it. But this Pharaoh Hound belongs to Malta. Only its looks are like angry Pharaoh. This dog breed is used for sporting purposes. It is deserving looking because of its powerful look. It is thought one of the most intelligent breeds. But this is also very unreasonable and freedom loving. This pet got strong instincts about its prey. Its prey flies very rarely. This beloved pooch got 9th position in world’s most expensive dog breeds ever.

List of Top Ten Most Expensive Dogs In The World

8. Akita

You will like activeness and smartness of this dog. There are two best types of Akita. The American and the German. The shade diversity of this pooch is amazing. I like the white and black one. In German race, there are more color varieties. There are red, white, brindle, fawn and sesame strains. In American, there are many strains. It is strong and a fighter. The owners like to keep such pets. You want to train this properly. If it is not, well, socialize it may risk for others. It can be the initiator for another pooch in fighting. Nature of this breed is dangerous for strangers. It belongs to the race that likes to live in territories. But you cannot argue the loyalty of this pooch for its owner.

List of Top Ten Most Expensive Dogs In The World

7. Chinese Crested Hairless

The look of this dog is as exciting as its name. This pooch has very fewer hairs. That’s why in its name word smooth is present. But there is long hairs present on its neck and tail. Its foot is also covered with hairs like it is wearing shoes. The title of this is according to Chinese crested powder puff. This creation has two coatings. It is not apparently good looking. The new blend of hairs and hairlessness makes it odd looking. It seems like that this most expensive dog is exposed to sunburn or dryness.

Chinese Crested Hairless

6. Tibetan Mastiff

The breeding of this most expensive dog is carrying out in most primitive ways. Originally this was founded in central Asia. The old purpose of this was driving and protecting. It is considered intelligent breed. It appears as a strong dog. The look of this is cute. Its entire body is covered with thick hairs. Children like to keep such pets. Like all animals, this is also not friendly to strangers. So there is the want for properly socializing of this pet. It can sleep the whole day. But this dormant habit in the day keeps it up in the night. Traditionally it was used for prey. This dog breed is quick and could listen even a slight sound.

List of Top Ten Most Expensive Dogs In The World

5. Canadian Eskimo Dog

This dog is found in North America. Canadian Eskimo Dog also applies to the category to primitive breeding. It is a domestic pet. The power of this pooch is strong and powerful. It has beautiful features. It strongly resembles American wolf. The end of this pooch is curvy and short. The prominent features of this breed are its brain alertness and toughness. Its loyal nature gets the strong bond and affinity with its owner. It’s hunting abilities are amazing. It can be used for hunting purposes.

List of Top Ten Most Expensive Dogs In The World

4. German Shepherd

German Shepherd is thought to be one of the most expensive dogs in the world. It got 4th position in this list. This dog is strong and faithful. It is very tall and powerful dog. It proves very emergency for its owners. Historically this dog began in 1899. It was used for herding and sporting purposes. The intelligence of this dog is evident. It obeys each and every command of its owner. It does not get friendly with strangers. Proper training is needed. German Shepherd is excellent for guarding. It is helpful to police and intelligence agencies.

List of Top Ten Most Expensive Dogs In The World

3. Samoyed

This dog goes to Siberian lands. It is also called Bjelkier. Samoyed is used for prey and herding. It is obviously a beautiful dog breed. You will like its appearance. It is active, large and strong dog breed found in the world. The cost of this pet is high, so it is considered the 3rd most expensive dog in the world. It is good for house security. You can easily train Samoyed. It’s training is also very interesting. It does not get engaged with strangers easily. It is not very aggressive or bloodthirsty. Its alertness makes it good for security purposes.

List of Top Ten Most Expensive Dogs In The World

2. Rottweiler

Rottweiler is a great dog breed ever found in the world. It has a bit short height and current pooch. So the need for this breed is high. That’s why the price of this pooch is also higher. For its higher cost, it holds the 2nd position in this list. You can rely on gifts of this dog. It is a good predator. You can keep this with you while going for the hunt. It is reasonable and can be easily trained. It can also be used for many other purposes. In naval expeditions, property protection or rescuing. This dog would show itself best selection that you ever made.

List of Top Ten Most Expensive Dogs In The World

1. Lowchen

Lowchen claims to be the most expensive dog in the world ever. If you want to buy this dog., you must have a heavy amount in your account. The appearance of this most expensive dog is like a little lion. It is a cute dog.  The number of this dog breed is very rare in existence that makes it world’s most expensive dog breed. Its rarity is the major cause of its high price. Germany is the city where its breeding takes place. It is also found in Belgium and France. Its friendly nature will win your heart. It lion-like look is also very appealing. It has the excellent wide skull and a perfect size. Its pendant ears are the great cause of attraction for anyone. The average life of this dog is 14 years. It mostly remains in a playful mood. It is intelligent. All these stories turn it into a desirable pet.

List of Top Ten Most Expensive Dogs In The World

What is the Most Expensive Dog in the World ? List of World Most Expensive Dogs 2015 Rankings

SR.NO Most Expensive Dog Breeds
1 Lowchen $7000
2 Rottweiler $7000
3 Samoyed $6500
4 German Shepherd $6500
5 Canadian Eskimo $6000
6 Tibetan Mastiff $5000
7 Chinese Crested Hairless $5000
8 Akita $3500
9 Pharaoh Hound $3000
10 Chow Chow $3000