List of Top Ten Most Expensive Pools in the World


In this post, I will discuss the list of top ten most expensive pools in the world. The talk will be about the construction of pools, their making, cost, staff and their luxurious accessories. When you think about expensive and luxurious pools, you may think about your ideal hotel pool and the pools of water parks. When we talk about the most expensive pools in the world in a comparison way, then we will take the survey in this regard. These top ten high pools can be a part of hotels and personal residence throughout the world. Million and Billion dollars are spending to create and make them. So what kind of stuff makes a pool expensive?

The use of waste materials like marble, mosaic tiles, sophisticated design of other elements, water slides, fountains and excellent control system can also raise the expenses and make a pool expensive and luxurious.

List of Top Ten Most Expensive Pools In The World 2016 Ranking

10. Umaid Bhavan Palace

The ‘Zodiak’ situated at the Umaid Bhavan Palace located in India. It is one of the most expensive and luxurious pools in the world. This subversive, temperature-controlled pool is placed in the heart of Umaid Bhavan Palace. The mosaic tiles are depicting the twelve signs of the Zodiac because of this mark it is very popular. The walls and the roof in which the pool is placed are adorned with thousands of tiles made of pure gold. This beautiful and expensive pool is so lovely and attractive. It is an excellent place to spend a good time.

List of Top Ten Most Expensive Pools in the World

9. Gellert Thermal, Budapest, Hungary

This is one of the various classical and modern expensive and luxurious bath houses in the world. The Gellert Thermal was built among 1912 and 1918. Although this bath house is old, it’s still functioning. This Gellert Thermal pool is decorated with beautiful work of Art and attractive prestige. It is a Roman bath and children’s swimming pool. So this expensive and luxurious pool has a famous rank all through the world.

List of Top Ten Most Expensive Pools in the World

8. Sarojin Resort, Phuket, Thailand

This is one of the various comfortable and of course expensive hotel pools all over the world. This costly and luxurious pool is located in the area of Phuket in Thailand. The Sarojin Resort swimming pool is a million dollars pool which is the colossal amount. This beautiful pool offers stunning views of the Indian Ocean, which look so amazing and pleasant. Guests are refreshed and relaxed at the beautifully landscaped garden which surrounds this pool. So this is a beautiful place for fun and enjoyment.

List of Top Ten Most Expensive Pools in the World

7. Kichukov, Family Pool, Arizona

This luxurious and expensive pool was made by Kichukov family in Arizona with a massive cost of $1 million. It is so beautiful and marvelous piece of construction. Traveler channels have named the Kichukov family pool the ‘phoshest private pool’ in the United States of America. This luxurious and expansive pool surrounded by magnificent landscaped garden. This fantastic pool has lavish features like a fifteen-foot water slide, plentiful fountains, and a stunning waterfall cave. If you want to get a luxuriously, comfortable swimming, then Kichukov family pool is the perfect place for you.

List of Top Ten Most Expensive Pools in the World

6. Nemo 33, Brussels, Belgium

This is the longest scuba diving pool throughout the world, found in Brussels, Belgium. The maximum depth of this luxurious and fantastic pool is 13 feet. This expensive and comfortable pool is filled with 2.787878 million liters of thick filters. The Nemo 33 has many underwater tunnels and rooms to explore. It also offers diving classes to newcomers. If you are certified diver, then you have an opportunity to knowledge the world’s deepest pool.

List of Top Ten Most Expensive Pools in the World

5. Hearst Castle, USA

The Hearst Castle has made in California, USA. The master of this attractive and unusual pool is William Randolph Hearst. This is a private home pool which is very famous among the people. Infect there are two lakes in the Hearst Castle, the outdoor Neptune Pool, and the Roman reservoir. These pools were constructed among 1924 and 1936. These pools are ornamented with marble and mosaic tiles. So this is the most expensive and fashionable pools throughout the world.
List of Top Ten Most Expensive Pools in the World

4. Lev Leviev, London, United Kingdom

Lev Leviev is a private luxurious and costly pool in London. The owner of this easy and expensive is an Israeli businessman. It is one of the most luxurious pools in the world. The actual expense of this costly and famous pool is not on the record. This beautiful and amazing pool is situated in North London. There are too available the facility of spa and bath for the relaxation of visitors. So this is a beautiful and amazing spot to get pleasure and fun.

List of Top Ten Most Expensive Pools in the World

3. Seagaia Ocean Dome Miyazaki, Japan

Our next selected amazing and extraordinary expensive and luxurious pool is situated in Miyazaki, Japan. This is no doubt a masterpiece of Sheraton group of hotels. This super luxurious and costly pool got a permanent position in Guinness Book of the World Evidence. This comfortable swimming-pool is a hundred meters in length and hundred meters in width. Here you can get a luxury swimming as you wish. This is the most favorite place for children as well as for elders.

List of Top Ten Most Expensive Pools in the World

2. San Alfonso Del Mar, Algarrobo, Chile

San Alfonso is one of the most luxurious and expensive pool throughout the world. This is a confidential luxurious swimming pool which is located in 100-kilo meter west of the metropolitan city of Santiago. This is the biggest swimming pool in the world and won the title of world’s largest pool. This extra-large and most luxurious swimming pool filled with 250,000,000 liters with dark filters. The maximum depth of his luxurious and costly pool is eleven feet.

List of Top Ten Most Expensive Pools in the World

1. City of Stars, Sharm el Sheik

The City of Stars is our last selection in this list of expensive and comfortable pools. This is the most luxurious pool in the world that’s why this luxurious pool is on the top of the list in the ranking. It is still beneath construction in Egypt with the massive cost of five and a half billion dollars. It is constructing in the area of 21 acres which indicating its extensive length. This is one of the most luxurious and expensive swimming-pool in the world. It is very expensive and stands on first in this ranking list.

List of Top Ten Most Expensive Pools in the World