List of Top Ten Most Poisonous Animals in the World


There are millions of different creatures found on our planet. Some of them are beautiful in our eyes, while on the other hand some we recognize as bizarre. A lot of animals are much dangerous for the human beings. Every year, about 100,000 people die from the bite of a poisonous snake, 5000 by scorpions, 1,000 by alligators, 500 by elephants and more than100 people are killed by hippos. Though, not only the snakes have deadly poison, spiders, jellyfish, and other species; we should rather not get too close. However, the most poisonous animals are not always the most deadly animals, because some species emit only small amounts of their venom. In this article, we have ranked the most poisonous and dangerous animals and made a list of top 10 most poisonous animals in the world as per 2016 ranking.

List of Top Ten Most Poisonous Animals in the World 2016 Ranking

10. Stone Fish

Stone fish

The stone fish lives on reefs, boulders, and soft soils. It covers itself as a rock or stone. Here they remain on the ground, waiting for other small animals, their prey. Touched an animal or human, the spines on the dorsal fin of the stone fish, a deadly neurotoxin is secreted immediately. We immediately felt an intense burning sensation, followed shortly afterward paralysis and cardiac arrhythmias. If not cured quickly, a contact within eight hours leads to death.

9. Dubois’ Sea Snake

Dubois' sea snake
The Dubious’ sea snake can grow up to 1.5 meters long and moves utilizing its flattened tail through the water. It occurs near the coast of tropical ocean regions of the Indian and Pacific Oceans and is the most venomous sea snake in the world. The bite of this sea serpent is deadly as its fangs can hardly be felt or seen. After about 30 minutes it comes to the first paralysis that reinforces gradually. If there is no treatment with the antidote, so it takes within eight hours to three days to death.

8. Sydney Trichernetzspinne

Sydney Trichernetzspinne

The most poisonous spider in the world is found in Australia. The Sydney funnel-web spider is mostly found in humid areas within a radius of about 180 kilometers around Sydney – that gave her name. Especially, during the mating season, nearly 4.5 centimeters large spiders are very aggressive. Their fangs come even by soft footwear. With one bite, the toxin paralyzes the skeletal and respiratory muscles. Gotta it to the heart, so there is no salvation. Usually, however, bitten people can be previously saved by the treatment with an antidote.

7. Inland Taipan

 Inland Taipan

The venom of the inland taipan is 50 times as high as the poison of a cobra. With only one bite of this snake, their victims have injected enough venom on six millimeters long teeth more than 230 people to kill. It comes to pain, swelling at the bite Telle, bleeding disorders, nausea, unconsciousness and kidney failure, and eventually death occurs. The snake is found in the west of the Australian state of Queensland and can be up to 2.5 meters long. If there is a meeting with the Inland Taipan, it remains calm and takes the retreat. Because the animals are quite shy and just grab most of when they feel threatened and cornered.

6. Yellow Mediterranean Scorpio

Yellow Mediterranean Scorpio

The deadliest scorpion in the world, the Yellow Mediterranean Scorpio is native to Turkey, North Africa, and the Arabian Peninsula. A bite is fatal to humans, and its venom is 18 times more potent than cyanide. In desert areas, they are often hidden under rocks or in crevices. The 10 centimeters large animals are mostly agile and aggressive, so rather quickly for the hills!

5. Blue Ring Octopus

Blue Ring Octopus

In a water depth of up to 50 meters of the coast of Australia, Indonesia, Philippines and New Guinea, the blue ring octopus lives. It is dangerous for the people if they stop the Blue Ring Octopus near the shore. However, they are easily recognized by their bright blue rings; it comes around to human contact. Within two hours of a bite of octopus, a person loses his/her life. The venom of a blue ringed octopus is enough to kill up to 26 people by paralysis of breathing. If the death not occurs within two hours, the affected individual can be saved by artificial respiration. Until the poison loses its effect.

4. Kegelschnecke


These little animals have much poison in them. Only a drop of the poison of the cone snail is enough to kill 20 people. The venom of these hunters is necessary for their survival. Has the screw it in for a swim by fish, so they must kill him immediately. Otherwise, the slow animals have no chance of loot. As per a recent report, currently, there is no antidote to cure this poison. The most poisonous species live exclusively in lower elevations of the tropical oceans.

3. Pfeilgiftfrosch


The colorful poison dart frogs from the rain forests of South and Central America are only between one and five centimeters in size, but its striking appearance signaled enemies danger. Because they are attacked, but its skin a potent neurotoxin from. This toxin causes paralysis of muscles and breathing. The venom of one animal is enough to kill ten people. This frog can kill you within 20 minutes. Owe their name to the frogs the way the Chocó Indians from Colombia. They use the venom of frogs to prepare their arrowheads.

2. Zoantharia

The Zoantharia is only a few centimeters tall and looks much beautiful. In many aquariums, it is held. However, it is highly toxic, especially for the subspecies Palythoa caution is advised. Their venom is among the strongest in the world, and it acts immediately. The toxin causes vomiting, chills and a paralysis of the entire muscle. Only 0.01 milligrams of the poison is enough to kill a 70-kilogram human with the probability of 50 percent. An antidote does not exist yet that have the ability to cure this person. Treacherous: The poison is delivered as an aerosol so that it can be absorbed through the air.

1. Box Jellyfish

Box Jellyfish
In the list of world’s most poisonous animals, Box Jellyfish holds the first spot. The sea wasp is by far the most deadly animal in the world as per 2016 ranking. The venom of the sea wasp can kill up to 250 people! This jellyfish is found in the Pacific and kills about 5,500 people annually through their enormously potent poison. A sea wasp can have up to 60 tentacles; this may be the three meters long. It touches even one of these tentacles, so the threads of 5,000 stinging cells etched into the skin and secreted their toxin from. It results in paralysis of the muscles, including the heart, and paralysis of breathing. Within a few minutes, people die with a terrible pain. Creepy!

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