List of Top Ten Most Popular Spoken Languages in the World


Language is the most important function of the human body because it allows us to express and understand, it makes it possible to communicate and share our ideas, and it makes it feasible to enjoy some entertainment hours through listening radio, music and reading the literature. The evolution of languages has a great role in our life.

List of Top Ten Most Popular Spoken Languages in the World

Now, there are thousands of languages spoken around the world but have dissimilarity in the number of speakers; following is a list of top ten Most Popular Spoken Languages in the world.

List of Top Ten Most Popular Spoken Languages In The World 2016 Ranking

10. French

French is considered the most romantic language in the world. French has spoken the language in the tons of nations including Canada, Cameroon, Rwanda, and Haiti. French is expressed by more than 129 million people. To say hello in the French language, just say “Bonjour” (bone-JOOR).

9. Malay-Indonesian

Almost 159 million residents in the different countries of the world are speaking this language, but Malaysia and Indonesia have the primary number of Malay-Indonesian speakers. The word hello can be translated in the Malay-Indonesian words as “Selamat Pagi” (see-LA-might PA-gee).

8. Portuguese

In the 12th century, Portugal got its independence from Spain and expanded all over the world. Portuguese is its official language. It is also the national language of Brazil. More than 191 million people are speaking The Portuguese language in the different countries of the world. The world Hello can be translated into Portuguese as “Bom Dia” (Bohn DEE-ah).

7. Bengali

Bangladesh is also a Muslim country having more than 120 million of the population from which more than 211 million people speak Bengali. It is expected to India, and here the community rate is growing so fast. If you need to say hello in Bengali just say “Hi Je” (EYE-jay)

6. Arabic

Arabic is one of the oldest languages verbal in the different countries of the world. Arabic in talked in the middle east, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, and Egypt. As the Holy book of Muslims “Al-Qur’an” is written in Arabic, so the millions of Muslims are language Arabic in numerous countries of the world. Indonesia is the largest country with the highest Muslim populace in the world. In 1974, Arabic was made the sixth real language of the United Nations. Its number of Speakers is more than 246 million living in the many countries of the world. If you want to say hello in Arabic just say “Al salaam a’a lay Kum” (Asia-mu-all-km)

5. Russian

While some people consider it as a harsh language in the world, but it is the fifth most spoken language in the world. We did to think them as our commie opponent, but now we think of them as our commie friends. From six spoken languages in the UN, Russian is spoken in different places not only in the mother country but also in Belarus, Kazakhstan and the U.S. More than 277 million people are speaking this language. If you desire to say hi in the Russian language, just say “Zdravstvuite” (ZDRAST-vet-yeh).

4. Spanish

Having more than 392 million preachers, Spanish is the fourth most spoken language in the world. It is spoken approximately in every South American and Central American state and not to nominate the Spain, Cuba, and the United States. In U.S., there is a significant attention in the Spanish-language because many English words are borrowed from the tongue including tornado, bonanza, enchilada, and Grande, etc. If you need to say Hallo in the Spanish language, just say “HOLA.”

3. Hindustani

The second most colonized nation, India uses the Hindustani as its primary language. India has the highest Hindu population in the world. With more than 497 million speakers, it comes at third rank in the list of top ten most spoken languages in the world. It is expected that the residents of India will exceed the Chinese inhabitants soon in a few years. If you want to learn Hindi, then an Indian movie can be helpful for you. To say hello in Hindustani just say “Namaste.”

2. English

Although English does not have the most preachers like Mandarin yet, it is the official language of more countries than other most spoken languages in the world. 508 million people speakers are getting it one of the most spoken languages in the world. If you need to say hello in English, just say “What’s up, freak?” (Waltz-UP-freak).

1. Mandarin

Mandarin is the most spoken language in the world with more than 1 billion speakers. Language Mandarin is not so effortless because its each word can be pronounced in four ways, so a beginner will have the trouble to express and distinguish the one tone from another. If you need to say hello in the Mandarin language, you will desire to say “Ni hao” (Nee HaOW).  So here, the speaking complication is visible.