List of Top Ten Places to Visit in Switzerland


Top Ten Places to Visit in Switzerland – Switzerland is one of the gorgeous Europe’s travel places. Switzerland is one of the prosperous countries of the Europe. Its reputation is due to the après ski chicanes, Heidi like mountains villages and outstanding world class hotels among tourists. Of course, here some of the best train rides and mountain adventures await the visitors. Here overviews of top ten places to visit in Switzerland that helps you plan your Switzerland trip.

List of Top Ten Places to Visit in Switzerland 2016 Ranking

10: St. Moritz

It is a winter resort. It offers skiing and a variety of summer and winter sports. It also offers mud and mineral baths and mud therapies. Moritz is also famous due to its active and elite nightlife. It located at 1800 m above sea level. It blessed with 322 days of sunshine a year, the 13 towns and villages of St. Moritz.

List of Top Ten Places to Visit in Switzerland

9: Jungfrau Region

Jungfrau is the best place to visit both in summer and winter. This area is only desirable for those adventurers who want to ski or climb the mountains. But now network of railways and well-maintained foot and bike paths is accessible for other travelers. This city consists of four most beautiful towns: Grindelwald, Murren, Lauterbrunnen, and Wengen and also three mountains: Eiger, Monch, and Jungfrau. Jungfrau railway offers the visitors an unforgettable scenic train ride.

List of Top Ten Places to Visit in Switzerland

8: Montreux

Montreux is a peaceful and charming town on the shores of Pond Geneva. Heart of Swiss Riviera lays Montreux. It is easily one of the most visited castles in Europe. The beauty of this city describes in the poems of Lord Byron.

List of Top Ten Places to Visit in Switzerland

7: Bern

In all Switzerland’s cities, Bern is the capital city. Bern is the most charming city. Bern is a medieval city with a history that dates back to the 12TH century. The most famous part is the zytglogge, an old clock tower with moving puppets. Other famous places in this city are Munster, a Gothic Cathedral. This town is making one of the longest covered shopping areas in Europe. The hills all around the city are heavily wooded. It is a great place for visitors. Hospitable accommodations and great shopping malls ensure the tourists have a pleasant experience.

List of Top Ten Places to Visit in Switzerland

6: Lucerne

Lucerne is an old town with strikingly modern sensibilities. This city has cultural and historical heritage, fantastic architectures and mind blowing sceneries. Lucerne considers one of the beautiful cities in the world. Lucerne lay on the shores of Lake Lucerne and bounded by Mount Pilatus and Rigi of the Swiss Alps. The innovative culture and convention center designed by foremost French Architect Jean Nouvel is one the architectural highlights of the town. This city is the best place for tourists to get the whole package to visit Switzerland. Lucerne is famous for its Chapel Bridge and water tower.

List of Top Ten Places to Visit in Switzerland

5: Lake Geneva

Lake Geneva is the largest lake in Europe. Lake Geneva located on the course of the Rhone River on the frontier of France and Switzerland. Lake Geneva is the kind of lake that can be seen in wall portraits and postcards. It is a sparkling lake. The main attraction is the select cities and towns surrounding the lake.

List of Top Ten Places to Visit in Switzerland

4. Interlaken

Interlaken becomes more popular among visitors since 1800; it located between Lake Thun and Lake Brienz. It is small but charming town. The three most famous mountains of Switzerland are found here the Eiger, the Jungfrau, and the Monch. Interlaken is also known as the watchmaking center. Interlaken considers the adventure capital of Switzerland. More than 45-ton railways, cable cars, chair lifts and ski lifts lead the adventurous to 150 miles of the slope. Visitors may want to try raclette a classic Swiss dish made from cheese. It is most delicious dish of this place.

List of Top Ten Places to Visit in Switzerland

3: Geneva

Geneva is the second largest city in Switzerland. This place has political and diplomatic properties. Many relevant agencies of the United Nations and other international organization work here. People from all over the world give its sensitive touch and make it one of the most famous places to visit in Switzerland. Geneva is also called the City of Parks. Because it has many neatly parks with splendid gardens. It also called “peace capital.” You can see the world’s highest fountain, enchanting museum, and excellent restaurants in Geneva. Geneva has a diverse range of museum counting what else, the Musee global de l’horlogerie, and a watch museum with a collection of jewelry watches and musical clocks.

List of Top Ten Places to Visit in Switzerland

2: Zermatt

Zermatt is the small town. Zermatt located at the foot of Matterhorn. Matterhorn is the most photographed mountain in the world. Its location makes the most attractive village. Zermatt is one of the best places for skiing in Europe. The ski region has 63 mountains railway and 200 miles of the slope. This area called “Matterhorn Glacier Paradise.” Europe’s biggest and highest lying summer is skiing area. In this city Fuel cars are not allowed, and fascinating cable cars take the visitors to the mountain sites. No skiing activities are also in this town, good restaurants and lots of lively nightlife for visitors.

List of Top Ten Places to Visit in Switzerland

1: Zurich

Zurich is the largest city in Switzerland. It located in the north- central Switzerland. The Romans found it; this town is 2000 years old. It is very rich in cultural and historical heritage. There are more than 50 museums in this city including the Swiss national museum and 100 art galleries. This place is the refreshment of eye and mind. Zurich has a peaceful lake. Zurich is the one of the wealthiest towns. This city is easy to reach, by train, plane or car. Zurich has a quality of life. Zurich has 500 clubs and bars including swimming pools. Don’t forget this place whenever you make a plan to visit Switzerland. The city of Lake Zurich has an excellent public place, and it provides free bike rental system.

List of Top Ten Places to Visit in Switzerland