List of Top 10 Poorest Countries in the World 2015


Today there are some poorest countries in the world where people are facing some issues related to health, education and fulfilling the basic requirements of daily life. But these countries are unable to do anything about it because of no resources available to them by which they can make their living standard better. People living in these poorest countries are mostly uneducated and resulting from their mind don’t allow them to find new ways of earning through which they can solve their problem they are facing due to the poverty. People living in these poorest countries don’t get food twice a day as there is a lack of food in those countries. People are facing the problem of hunger due to which the newborn babies are also affected.

In these poorest countries, the transportation sources are also not available to the citizens. Roads are not clean, and the garbage is scattered everywhere because they don’t have any proper method through which they can clean the trash from everywhere. People living in these top 10 poorest countries in the world also don’t have proper homes for the shelter for which the unclean environment is creating various deadly diseases that are spreading in these nations and killing thousands of people annually.

There are not the specialized doctors having the knowledge to cure the diseases even a common and easily treatable disease. For this reason people who are sick only get relieve when they die, these poorest countries can only grow if they focus on getting an education. These were the most common factors that directly reflect a nation to be a poorest country in the world. Do you know what is the poorest country in the world? Just Scroll down the list and find what are the top ten poorest nations in the world in 2015 rankings.

What is the Poorest Country in the World by GDP Per Capita in 2015 Rankings?

10. Eritrea

List of Top 10 Poorest Countries In The World 2015

Having $792.10 per Capita GDP,  Eritrea still stands in this ranking list of world’s top ten poorest countries. People living in the country don’t send their kids to the schools for which they remain illiterate and don’t contribute to the national progress, and it is the major factor for which the worst condition of this country is not changing.

9. Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe people living style and economy outlook

Zimbabwe also stands among world’s worst and poorest nations. Here people are living with the per capita GDP of 589.47. Here people are suffering from malnutrition and many other issues that are associated with poverty outline.

8. Gambia

Poverty in Gambia - a poorest country in the world

The GDP per capita in the country is $488.1; the lifestyle in the country is worst which can only be made better if the people start getting the education because it is the key to success.

7. Madagascar

List of Top Ten Poorest Countries In The World

The Per Capita GDP in the Madagascar is estimated 465.11 with the people spending a difficult life as there are no hospitals where they can get their diseases cured. There is also the lack of educational institutes that can make their children educated which is making it impossible for the country to become stable.

6. Liberia

Liberia Poverty and Economy outlook

With Per capita GDP of $455.68 Liberia holds the 6th spot on the list of top ten poorest countries in the world. Here people are not provided the facilities provided by their government through which they can spend a good life for this reason Liberia is known the 4th poorest country in the world. The Liberian Government is unable to provide the facilities that are required by the healthy people. Liberian people also don’t focus on getting the education for which the country’s growth isn’t possible.

5. Niger

Niger economy and poverty outlook

With less than $416.77 per Capita GDP, Nigeria also stands among the poorest countries around the world. It’s people push their children to work in the early age because one person in the family cannot bear all the expenses of living for the whole family.

4. Congo

Poverty in congo - the 4th poorest country in the world

The Per Capita GDP in the country is 394.28 for which the country is on the list of nations that are known to be the poorest. Here people are living below the poverty line, and their lifestyle is worst due to the unavailability of everything necessary for the life, and this is a major reason behind the lowest life expectancy rate in the countryside.

3. Central African Republic

Central African Republic Stands among the poorest countries in the world

The GDP per capita in the country is $332.12, here people are facing the problems not only related to the least availability of food but also the diseases that are widespread but cannot be cured due to the lack of proper health care system in the countryside. The diseases that can be transferred to others are taking the lives of the people living in the country because they don’t know how to avoid them or treat them.

2. Burundi

Poverty in Burundi

Burundi also stands among the least educated countries on the planet. Here the Per capita GDP is only $268.11. Here people are not provided the facilities necessary for a good living such as a maintained sewerage system, hospitals, and educational institutions and law, etc.  People don’t send their children to the schools so that they can’t become educated because they can only force them to the child labor that not only ruins their childhood but also making it impossible for the country to progress and stand among the most educated countries.

1. Malawi

What is the Poorest Country in the world in 2015

Winning the first spot in our ranking list of world’s poorest countries is not other than Malawi. With less than $226.52 GDP per capita, Malawi claims to be the poorest country in the world. Here the people are suffering from many diseases that can be treated but due to the illitracy and no availability of the doctors, many of them die at an early age, so it also stands among the top 10 countries with the highest infant mortality rates in the world. The other issues that the people of the country are facing from years is the unavailability of sufficient food and the people also don’t have proper clothes to cover their body. The children don’t get food to fulfill their body need for which they face the issue of malnutrition.

List of Top 10 Poorest Countries In the World by Per Capita GDP in 2015 Rankings

Rank Country Capital Per Capita GDP
(USD $)
1. Malawi Lilongwe 226.52
2. Burundi Bujumbura 268.11
3. Central African Republic Bangui 332.12
4. Congo Brazzaville 394.28
5. Niger Niamey 416.77
6. Liberia Monrovia 455.68
7. Madagascar Antananarivo 465.11
8. Gambia Banjul 488.16
9. Zimbabwe Harare 589.47
10. Eritrea Asmara 792.10


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