List of Top Ten Tallest NFL Players of All Time


Top Ten Tallest NFL Players of All Time – Being taller than 7’0” is frequent in the NBA. In the National Football League (NFL), there’s only been one man. The Oakland Raiders drafted Seven-foot-tall defensive tackle Richard Sligh in 1967. He is the tallest NFL player in the history of Pro-football. Also St. Louis Rams Terrell Brown is the largest man in NFL with 403 lbs weight. Here is the list of the tallest NFL players of all time.

List of Top Ten Tallest NFL Players of All Time 2016 Ranking

10. Ted Hendricks, 6’7″

The Baltimore Colts drafted the 6’7″ linebacker in the 2nd around of the 1969 NFL Draft. However, size was not a detriment to him as he was an 8-time Pro Bowler and a 4-time All-Pro. Also, he held the NFL record for four safeties and obtained 26 interceptions in his career. However, he is more known for being the leader of the Raiders defense of the late 70s, leading the Raiders protection to the Super Bowl three times during his career. His most remarkable season was his only season with Green Bay where he logged five interceptions, seven blocked kicks, and one safety. For obvious reasons, he was later inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1990.

List of Top Ten Tallest NFL Players of All Time

9. Richard Sligh, 7’0″

At 7’0″, Richard Sligh is, properly, the tallest player in NFL records. He was drafted in the 10th round of the 1967 Common Draft by the Oakland Raiders. He would last only eight games in his 1967 rookie season but was a reserve when the Raiders went to Super Bowl II. Unfortunately, he would continue only this season as he would retire at the end of it. Maybe he should have given basketball a chance.

List of Top Ten Tallest NFL Players of All Time

8. Ed “Too Tall” Jones, 6’9″

By currently, the Geico commercial ran a few years has already been played millions of times quizzical if Ed “Too Tall” Jones was too high. However, the business was legitimate. Ed “Too Tall” Jones was “too high” for any other suspicious linemen in NFL history at 6’9″. A two-time All-Pro and a member of the “Doomsday Defense” for the Dallas Cowboys of the 1970s, he would amass 57 “official” notices in his career. However, has him fast an unofficial 106 sacks in his career since sacks did not become official until the 1982 season it’s hard to know the accurate number, but it doesn’t matter.

List of Top Ten Tallest NFL Players of All Time

7. Jared Veldheer, 6’8″

After Samson Satele suffered an injury throughout the 2010 preseason, Jared Veldheer, at 6’8″, became the tallest center in NFL history when he started their opener against the Tennessee Titans. But, he only lasted one game and was moved back to his natural position at right tackle after Satele returned from injury. Since then, he has been a starter for Arizona Cardinals and shown much more promise in the desert.

List of Top Ten Tallest NFL Players of All Time

6. Robert Gallery, 6’7″

At 6’7″, Robert Gallery is the largest guard in NFL History. He started his vacation as a right tackle for a couple of seasons and then was moved to the left tackle position for a season. After a bad year at left tackle during the 2006 season, the Raiders decided to move him to the left guard location. Unfortunately, he is considered a “bust” due to his performance at left tackle, but he has been much better at the left guard position. He had a few decent years in Oakland but he just never really hit his potential as a 2nd overall pick.

List of Top Ten Tallest NFL Players of All Time

5. Jonathan Ogden, 6’9″

At 6’9″, Jonathan Ogden is attached with a few extras, including Jared Gaither. But, I chose only to put him because JO is in a league of his own. The Baltimore Ravens drafted the future Hall of Famer in the 1st round of the 1996 NFL Draft. Over his 12 year career, he would be selected to 11 Pro Bowls, be a 4-time All-Pro, and be considered one of the greatest left tackles in NFL History.

List of Top Ten Tallest NFL Players of All Time

4. Morris Stroud, 6’10.”

Morris Stroud, the 6’10” TE was drafted out of Clark, Atlanta by the Kansas City Chiefs in the third round of the 1969 NFL Draft. In his five-year career, he would get 54 receptions for 977 receiving yards and 7 TDs. It’s hard to imagine even a nearly 7-foot monster at tight end, imagine Blake Griffin out there on the gridiron. Hit field goal close dunks would be incredible.

List of Top Ten Tallest NFL Players of All Time

3. Harold Carmichael, 6’8″

If anyone wonders if a basketball player like Lebron James could ever get it in the NFL, Harold Carmichael provides the best example for them. At 6’8″ and 225 lbs., he is the tallest WR in NFL history and had himself a very impressive career as well. Throughout his years in the NFL, beyond being a fan favorite, they produced three 1,000 receiving step seasons and was selected to 4 Pro Bowls. In his lone Super Bowl debut in 1980, he led the Eagles with six receptions and 91 yards in a loss to the Oakland Raiders.

List of Top Ten Tallest NFL Players of All Time

2. Brandon Jacobs, 6’4″

At 6’4″ and 264 lbs., Brandon Jacobs is not only the tallest running backs; he is easily one of the biggest in NFL history as well. In fact, he is bigger than most linebackers in the NFL, which makes you, think how damn good he could have been. In his 9 season career, Jacobs ran for 5,094 yards to go along with his 60 rushing touchdowns and 4 TD catches.

List of Top Ten Tallest NFL Players of All Time

1. Dan McGwire, 6’8″

The younger brother of then-MLB superstar Mark McGwire, Dan McGwire became the tallest QB in NFL history when the Seattle Seahawks drafted him 16th overall in the 1991 NFL Draft. At 6’8″ and 240 lbs., Seahawk fans viewed him as the future QB of the team and a real star for years to come. Unfortunately, he hardly even played, and when he did, he did not do that well by any means. The Seahawks would draft Rick Mirer in the 1993 NFL Draft, and McGwire would be out of the NFL by 1995 with just two touchdown passes to 6 interceptions.

 List of Top Ten Tallest NFL Players of All Time