In this article we will talk about top 10 best fashion designers of Pakistan. Every person in the world is conscious about their dressing and whole looks because appearance is the thing which attracts others. It is said that appearance of the person completely describes the personality of the person that is the reason it is very important. Pakistan is the country which is known for its strong cultural background which is depicted in their clothes and whole look. With the passage of time, the fashion industry in Pakistan is much flourished and marked its name in the whole world. There are large number of designers and brands in the whole country Pakistan which are known for their different and unique designs introduced to the people at different prices. These designers are said to be very expensive which are not affordable for everyone but only the rich and luxurious people can afford them. It is said that Fashion is the Language of mind, soul and body. It is not just wearing the expensive clothes but also associated with the carrying of the specific clothes in the elegant way. Pakistan is named as the country which has the fastest growing fashion industry located there.

The following are top 10 best fashion designers located in Pakistan for the fashion lovers of the world:

10. Sana Safinaz:


Sana Safinaz is the famous name in the whole Pakistan which is basically the collaboration of two ladies which are Safinaz Munir and Sana Hashwani. This brand is internationally famous brand and is serving in this field from many years which are estimated to be 25 years. This brand is involved in making of bridal wear, lawn, couture and prêt as well which are highly demanded in the market. Their prints are said to be amazing one which are highly preferred by the ladies of the world.

9. Umar Sayeed:


Umar Sayeed is the designer who needs no introduction and is known for his glamorous collection available in the market. He is known for his amazing creations which come with the beautiful patterns and perfect look. His designs are highly demanded in the whole Pakistan and is said to be romantic collection which is becoming famous with the day. He is said to be very creative designer because of his motifs, embellishments and the work but are highly expensive which are not affordable for everyone.

8. Nomi Ansari:


Nomi Ansari is said to be a young shining star of the Pakistan fashion industry that is known for dominating the industry since 2001. He is the designer who is graduated from the Pakistan School of Fashion design and is known for his formal and bridal dresses which are super amazing. He is known for adding much modern touch to his designs and clothes and is loved on the ramps which are worn by the beautiful models.

7. Zara Shahjahan:


Zara Shahjahan is the designer who is basically a fashion graduate of National college of Arts Lahore. She started her career in 2004 and is named as one of the most famous designers in very less time. She is said to be very talented and is famous in the field of formal and the fancy attire mainly. She has recently introduced a new brand named Coco which mainly offers the prêt with the amazing prints and modern touch.

6.Bunto Kazmi:


Bunto Kazmi is named as one of the top designers of the Pakistan who is highly demanded. She is the lady who is completely inspired from the Mughal empire fashion and her creations are highly admired by the people. She also offers the traditional clothes of Pakistan on international ramps for the promotion of culture. She is known for introducing unique designs in her bridal collection and the color contrasts used by her in her clothes.

5. Maria. B:


Maria.B is the famous name of Pakistan fashion industry from few years. She is known for her unique and trendy designs introduced in her clothes. She has also introduced an amazing collection of Lawn for the first time in 2004 for the fashion lovers. She is known for introducing simple and prêt collection with beautiful neckline. Her brand has many further sub-categories which includes M Brides. M.Kids, M.Girls and Maria B Cotton and many others.

4. Fahad Hussayn:


Fahad Hussayn is the designer who was born in Faisalabad and started his career from his home. He has done textile designing for the BeaconHouse National University. He is known for designing the modern and traditional clothes with amazing and simple cuts. He is named as the designer with much potential in him and is known for his amazing bridal collection. He is also planning to introduce a range of kids and men wear in future.

3. Deepak Perwani:


Deepak Perwani is the fashion designer who is basically an actor as well. He is named as one of the most famous members of the Hindu Sindhi community located in Pakistan. He got much fame because of his elegant collection and industry is said to be blessed with this super talented designer. He is known for his luxurious dresses and bridal collection which are showcased at different international fashion shows.

2. Asim Jofa:


Asim Jofa is considered as a big name of the fashion industry who started his career as a jewelry designer almost 12 years ago. Then he started clothes designing which includes party wear, bridal, summer, winter, prêt and many other options for the people. He was also awarded by International Asian Fashion award in 2012 as the best designer. His collection is not only available in Pakistan but also in places like UAE, USA, London, Canada and many others. His latest handmade collection is gaining the attention of people from all over the world and is highly demanded because of its unique features.

1. HSY:


HSY is considered as the biggest name of Fashion industry of Pakistan. He belongs to Lahore and started his career as the fashion choreographer in 1994. He is considered as the king of fashion industry because he is the most famous designer of Pakistan in the whole world. He launched his bridal collection and formal wear in 2000. He is named as the bridal expert. He has display centers at different places of the world which includes UAE, USA, UK and Saudi Arabia as well. He is also doing a show as host named Tonite with HSY which made him famous more in the world.


The following ranking of top 10 best fashion designers of Pakistan is given according to their popularity and success in the field of fashion:

  1. HSY

  2. Asim Jofa

  3. Deepak Perwani

  4. Fahad Hussayn

  5. Maria. B

  6. Bunto Kazmi

  7. Zara Shahjahan

  8. Nomi Ansari

  9. Umar Sayeed

  10. Sana Safinaz



Pakistan is the country which is known for its famous fashion industry which is much flourished and grown now. There are large numbers of fashion designers located in the whole country which are known for their work and are offering different type of clothes at different prices. There designers are very expensive which are not affordable for everyone but are the best symbol of the upper class society. These designers are showcasing their collection at big countries of the world which represents the culture of Pakistan to the rest of the world.