TOP 5 UPCOMING SMARTPHONES OF 2016

In this article we will talk about top 5 upcoming smartphones of 2016. There are different things which are being invented by the technological changes brought in the whole world and are becoming the basic need of every person. People are becoming much attracted towards them and they are now much dependent upon them. Smartphone is the latest creation of technology which is continuously improving to meet the needs of the people and providing them something new with every next model. Smartphones are providing all the facilities needed by the people as they are working to provide the working done on laptops as well and the accessing of all social media websites. There are many brands in the market which are selling and involved in making the best and unique smartphones for the people at different prices. The latest smartphones are very expensive which are not affordable for everyone as only rich people can afford them. All the brands are working to be a market leader in the society by trying their best. They are continuously involved in conducting researches to provide unique features to people in the upcoming models and to attract them towards them.

The following are  top 5 upcoming smartphones of 2016 which are released with latest and unique features in them:

5. Samsung Galaxy X:



Samsung is a world famous brand which is known for providing the new features and the sleek design in smartphones. The Samsung Galaxy X which is going to be launched in 2016 comes with the latest foldable technology. It comes with the perfect resolution display and screen which is basically super AMOLED and comes with the dual rear facing camera. It will be launched in the size of 5.7 inches. It is enhanced with the snapdragon 830 processor and is named as one of the most awaited Smartphone to be launched in 2016. It also comes with the Iris scanner security technique and water resistance and all these unique features made it an expensive option which is not affordable for everyone.

4. Microsoft Surface Phone:


Microsoft is the brand which is known for the major changes in the technological field of the world and same is the case with their smartphones. This brand has planned to launch a new model with the name of Microsoft Surface Phone which comes with the amazing specifications. It is enhanced with the Intel processor which is quite powerful one. It is equipped with the HD screen and also the built in screen protector in it. Its screen is enhanced with the gorilla glass protector which is quite amazing thing. It is packed with the 21 megapixel camera and provides amazing quality pictures. It has powerful battery timing and is an expensive option available in the market.

3. OnePlus 4:


OnePlus 4 is the device which is made with efficient and powerful features in them. It is mostly famous for the result of its camera and the overall performance which impresses the audience. It is now offered with the 21 megapixels camera and the 16 megapixel camera for the front one. Its screen is made with high resolution and is available in different memory options. It will be equipped with the latest Oxygen OS of the Android which will be launched in coming months. It is planned to be released in the markets in November 2016 and will be expensive option to get the best results.

2. HTC Smartphone:


HTC is another phone brand that has marked its name in the markets with the amazing features introduced in their phone. Now they are working to provide the Nexus series Smartphone and Google is in partnership for its manufacturing and designing. It is made with the best quality and unique and latest features are to be introduced in it. It is said to be made with the most advance technology which comes with the innovative design and is going to be released in the market in December 2016. It is made with the latest android operating system in it. The most unique feature of this Smartphone is that it is enhanced with the USB port and two side speakers.

1. Apple iPhone 7:


Apple is the brand which is known for introducing the expensive and latest phones in the market. It is estimated that people are crazy for their smartphones even they are expensive but people are willing to purchase them. People have started expecting about the iPhone 7 which will be releasing in September 2016. It is the phone which will break all the records and consider as the best one in the list. The common features introduced in it are water proof technology, comes in 4.7 inches screen, slim in size, USB charger and enhanced with the iOS 10. It will be very expensive phone which will be sold at the price tag $937 which is not affordable for everyone.

The following ranking of top 5 upcoming smartphones of 2016 is given according to their prices in the market and their popularity as well:

                TOP 5 UPCOMING SMARTPHONES OF 2016

  1. Apple iPhone 7
  2. HTC Smartphone
  3. OnePlus 4
  4. Microsoft Surface Phone
  5. Samsung Galaxy X

    Smartphone is considered as the basic need of every person without which people cannot imagine their life. The brands are working hard to provide the best phones with the latest and unique features as compared to their competitors to attract more customers. All these smartphones explained above are the upcoming which will be released in 2016 and are made with amazing features. These smartphones are very expensive which are not affordable for everyone but still people love to purchase them to get the best performance from them.